CorSolutions relaunches 24-hour Nurse Connections service to support participants with health advice

Feb 12, 2010

CorSolutions Medical Inc., a provider of pro-active health intelligence and solutions, has relaunched Nurse Connections, its former 24-hour demand management service in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. CorSolutions recognises that participants have health needs in addition to those of chronic condition management. The enhancement of CorSolutions’ demand management model illustrates the company’s dedication to providing reliable health information while simultaneously engaging participants to share in the health care decision making process.

Through Nurse Connections, a toll free customer-focused service, participants can receive expanded care, anytime, day or night, from an experienced registered nurse. Now, when participants need to talk to a health care professional, they can connect with CorSolutions to receive timely information and advice on a variety of topics including injuries, burns, sinusitis, chickenpox, colic, ear infections, influenza, and emergency room use. With the launch of Nurse Connections, CorSolutions has added technology, increased staff, and expanded the ability to care for multiple health conditions.

Once engaged in Nurse Connections, skilled telehealth nurses, each of whom has more than 10 years of clinical experience, provide inbound and outbound telephonic information, along with personal coaching to assist participants in making educated health care choices. The team, managed by Patricia Kentgen, RN, BSN, a nurse with more than 16 years of clinical, management, and operations expertise, provides assessment, education, and general health information along with a triage of urgent issues to assist participants with specific needs. All participant information is documented in CorSolutions’ exclusive, confidential electronic medical record, CorConnect.

Callers of Nurse Connections interact directly with a nurse who uses an industry leading knowledgebase which provides the most current evidence-based practice guidelines and health information content. The application evaluates symptoms and provides a triage, allowing the nurse to give a non-diagnostic assessment to help determine the appropriate timing for medical evaluation. The interaction engages the participant to share in the decision making, resulting in the determination of the best action plan for the caller. The participants are empowered to make more informed health decisions through this advanced technology and a strong clinical team. Ultimately, this service is providing care for hundreds of thousands of patients.

“Nurse Connections is an essential service to providing population management in a disease management model”, stated Pat Cua, senior vice president for CorSolutions. “We are pleased to offer this expanded service to our clients. With our proven track record of putting together the best resources, technology and team, we offer the opportunity for sharing the health care decision making process.”

Founded in 1994, CorSolutions Medical Inc. is a customer-centric health intelligence and solutions company. The company provides a full complement of health enhancement programmes from prevention and wellness to long-term chronic care for more than 315.000 programme participants. CorSolutions’ intelligence-based approach integrates data analysis, health risk assessment, and advanced predictive modelling to provide its customers with a complete understanding of current and potential health care expenditures and provides solutions that help to manage the risk of those expenditures.

Using the exclusive MULTIFIT approach of physician-directed, nurse-mediated, patient-managed care, CorSolutions consistently delivers health care choices that result in measurable clinical improvements and significant cost-savings for its customers, who consist of health plans, government entities, and self-funded employers.

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