Gozio Health Expands Platform to Enable Customized Experiences by User Type

Mar 21, 2023

Gozio Health has announced new capabilities that allow hospitals and health systems to provide custom mobile experiences by user type or group. This expansion enables healthcare organizations to not only design a cohesive mobile app within a single platform, but also develop unique digital experiences that more specifically address the needs and expectations of a wide variety of stakeholders.

For example, an organization could create a unique experience for oncology or labor and delivery patients that contains tools and information that isn’t relevant to other patients. Health systems that work directly with large employers could offer a bespoke mobile experience just for their employees. Another use case that has been top of mind for many systems recently is creating a mobile experience to support staff. Importantly, to maximize engagement and opportunities to connect staff and patients, these experiences can now happen in one platform.

Gozio is applying the idea that a single platform for everyone can drive more engagement by working with UNC Health to launch Gozio’s first custom experience designed specifically for staff by bringing together multiple digital elements to simplify processes and improve satisfaction.

“When Gozio asked if we would be the first to test these new features, we felt it could make a difference for our team,” said Dan Dodson, system director for digital health and innovation, UNC Health. “Teammate retention and satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We think that even small changes, like simplifying access to the tools our teammates need to do their job, could improve job satisfaction and daily experience. We know that satisfied teammates are more likely to stay and ensure we can provide the best care possible to the people of North Carolina.”

Addressing the workforce challenges in healthcare was a key factor in the expansion of the Gozio platform to deliver unique experiences by user type. According to a recent study from Qualtrics, 39% of healthcare employees are considering leaving their jobs (a 4% increase over the previous year). In addition, the AMA says that one in five doctors is planning to leave their current practice in the next two years. The cost burden of this reality is significant: the average cost of turnover for a bedside nurse is $40,038, while replacing a single physician costs $500,000 to $1 million.

Gozio has a proven track record of successful consumer engagement, and the company is applying that knowledge to create a similar experience for staff. At UNC Health alone, the mobile app experience for patients has resulted in over 225,000 downloads in three years, with thousands of new users downloading the app every month. However, to ensure that these user-based experiences bring together necessary digital solutions, Gozio is also opening its platform to third-party development. This allows health systems to move quickly to add unique functionality to the platform using their own developers or third-party developers.

“While customized mobile experiences come in many forms, the number one request we receive now is, unsurprisingly, related to staff. The Qualtrics study found that there are some simple things that can be done to help reduce burnout and improve employee satisfaction like making access to work tools simpler and improving processes for rewards and recognition,” said Joshua Titus, CEO and founder, Gozio Health. “After facilitating hundreds of millions of mobile interactions for patients, our team knows what it takes to create an intuitive, engaging mobile experience. Gozio is excited to be in a unique position to leverage our mobile expertise to address these challenges.”

To learn more about Gozio Health’s expanded mobile engagement platform, visit booth 2238 at ViVE or go to www.goziohealth.com.

About Gozio Health
Gozio Health partners with health systems to increase consumer engagement using a proven mobile platform and strategy. The entire healthcare journey–both in-person and digital–is improved by giving systems the flexibility to consolidate all their patient-facing digital solutions into one premium native mobile experience accessible by anyone, anywhere. Combined with Gozio’s patented indoor positioning technology, the platform empowers consumers to confidently navigate their healthcare journey and enables health systems to more effectively achieve their business goals. Gozio customers surveyed in a 2021 KLAS Research Emerging Technology Spotlight report found 100% satisfaction. For more information, watch this video or visit www.goziohealth.com.

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