Piedmont Healthcare Sets New Standard for Patient Experience with Gozio Health’s Indoor Navigation Mobile Application

Sep 21, 2016

(Atlanta, Ga.) – Continuing their leadership in delivering exceptional patient experiences, Piedmont Healthcare will offer its patients and visitors a dynamic smartphone-based, navigation platform developed by Gozio Health. Gozio Health leverages the leading edge of mobile technology to elevate the patient experience through its customized, hospital-branded, indoor navigation application.

“Providing stress-free, safe guidance to the hospital is a top priority for improving patient experience at Piedmont,” noted Matt Gove, Chief Consumer Officer at Piedmont Healthcare. “We want to capitalize on the growing reliance on smartphones for retrieving online information and directions. By employing Gozio’s powerful, innovative technology, our patients and families will feel confident in arriving at their destination anywhere in the Piedmont Healthcare system.”

Piedmont Healthcare’s new navigation mobile application will extend patient engagement by providing step-by- step directions to any destination within Piedmont’s hospitals and related points of interest such as pharmacies or doctors’ offices. The hospitals’ services and amenities will be at patients’ fingertips, helping patients arrive on time, unstressed and at the right location.

“We feel honored to work with Piedmont Healthcare — one of the premier hospitals in the Southeast and a pioneer in the patient engagement revolution,” says Joshua Titus, CEO Gozio Health. “Our partnership reflects Piedmont’s continued commitment to excellence in patient experience, and we look forward to providing patients and visitors with wayfinding technology that allows them to focus on what matters most – getting healthy and caring for loved ones.”

“Piedmont Healthcare strives to be a leader in merging innovative technology with patient experience,” says Katie Logan, Vice President of Experience at Piedmont Healthcare. “Gozio’s wayfinding technology allows us to connect to patients with a sophisticated door to door experience. The mobile platform becomes an extension of our lobby, guiding patients and visitors to the hospital with less anxiety.”

About Gozio
Gozio Health transforms indoor navigation and significantly improves patient experience with a smartphone-based, indoor positioning and wayfinding platform specifically designed for hospitals and healthcare systems. The preferred new technology for leading healthcare organizations, Gozio’s pioneering mobile platform dramatically improves mobile adoption rates for hospitals and seamlessly integrates mobile technology into patient engagement strategies. For more information, visit www.goziohealth.com, or find Gozio Health on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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